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Alloy Adjustable Clip on Handlebars 39 mm

Alloy Adjustable Clip on Handlebars 39 mm

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Superbly machined from billet aluminium, these clip on handlebars allow the angle of the clip-ons to be adjusted/altered. The aluminium bar length is fixed at 218 mm (8 5/8 inches). The machined clamp rotates to give you the variable angle and is secured with an allen bolt. The fork bracket/fork clamp tightens with an allen bolt/screw. These are light-weight and are ideal for cafe racers and other custom built motorcycles.


Fork Clamp/Bracket: 39 mm internal diameter - outside measurements: 70 mm x 65 mm
Handlebar Clamp: 47 x 40mm.
Length of Clear Handlebar: 218 mm
Total Length of Handlebar including clamp: 265 mm.

Price: 59.95