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CZ Sport 125 and Sport 175 Owners Manual - 1973

CZJ 00002



An original Owner's Manual for the CZ Sport 125 and Sport 175 motorcycles. It was published in 1973.

Models Covered:

  • CZ Sport 125 cc Model 476
  • CZ Sport 175 cc Model 477

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • View of the Motorcycle
  • Index
  • Technical Data
  • Acceptance of the Machine
  • Motorcycle Controls
  • Instruments
  • Making the Machine Ready for Work
  • Hints for Riding Technique
  • Adjusting the Motorcycle
  • General Atendance
  • Maintenance of the EWngine and Permissible Dismantling
  • Maintenance of Chassis and Permissible Dismantling
  • Maintenance of Electric Equipment and Wiring
  • List of Possible Defects and Their Elimination
  • List of Tools
  • Wiring Diagram

Type of Cover: Paper-back

Measurements: 5.75 x 8 inches (145 x 205 mm)

No of Pages; 48


Notes have been written on the inside of the front cover in ink and there are other notes jotted down in pencil on the title page. The cover has wear marks on it and the cover has come away from the lower staple. Please look at the photographs for details.