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Tacho Rev Counter Cable - 2ft 9in long - Smiths Magnetic Rev Counter - BSA A65 Spirfire 1965 on

SN 1719



This is a very good quality rev counter/tacho cable for a magnetic rev counter/tacho. It is 2ft 9 inches long. The cable has square ends on both ends of the cable.nnIt should fit the following motorcycles (amongst others), but please check the length you require as any modifications you have made to the bike could affect the length of cable you need to fit.

  • BSA B44 Victor Enduro 1966-68
  • BSA B44 Victor Roadster 1968 on
  • BSA A65 Thunderblt 1964 on
  • BSA A65 Lightning 1964 on
  • BSA A65 Spitfire 1965 on
  • BSA A65 Firebird 1968 on
  • BSA A65 Hornet 1965 on