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BSA Bushman 175 Bantam Replacement Parts List - 1969

BSA Bushman 175 Bantam Replacement Parts List - 1969

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An original BSA replacement parts list for the BSA Bantam Bushman 175cc model from engine and frrame numbers BC00116.BB175. The Catalogue is part number 00-5702 and was published by BSA Motor Cycles in 1969.

Models Covered:

BSA Bushman 175cc
Contents Include:

Suffix Numbers to be Used to Identify Varying Finishes
Proprietary Suppliers
Assemblies Complete
Lamp Bulbs
Piston Chart
Exploded Views of the Various Assemblies/Parts with ref numbers
Tables with Plate Ref, Spares No, Description and Quantity Required
Numerical Index
BSA Stockists
Overseas Distributors
No of Pages: 55

Type of Cover: Paperback

Reference No/Part No: 00-5702

Language: English

Measurements: 8.5 x 11.75 inches (215 x 295 mm)

Condition: Very good. There are a few finger marks on the cover and some of the pages and there is a dealer's sticker on the front cover. There are a few wear marks on the edges of the cover.

Price: 20.00