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Second Hand Cuppini Clip on Handlebars 34mm dia 7/8" 22mm Handlebars

Second Hand Cuppini Clip on Handlebars 34mm dia 7/8

In stock

A pair of second hand clip on handlebars made by Cuppini of Italy. The handlebar clamp is cast steel with 2 allen screws to fasten the clamp to the forks and another 2 allen bolts to secure the handlebars to the clamp. The internal diameter of the clamp is 34 mm. The handlebars are T or nearer V shaped with the short part inserted into the clamp. The angle of the bars is therefore adjustable. The chromed handlebars are 7/8 inch 22mm diameter. They have been shortened - a piece has been sawn off the end. The bars are 9 1/2 inches long (245 mm). The chrome is scratched where throttle/switches have been fitted and there is some corrosion. The bars could be re-chromed.

Price: 45.00