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Triumph Army TRW Mark 3 User Handbook - 1964

Triumph Army TRW Mark 3 User Handbook - 1964

In stock

This is an original maintenance manual/owners handbook for the Triumph TRW Issued June 1964 - Army Code No 20896 Contract WV/3231. The manual has 2 holes punched into it for filing in a binder. The pages of this manual are held together with a tag.

Contents Include:

General Description
Description of Machine
Controls and Instruments
Operating Instructions
Special Instructions
Wheels and Brakes
Steering and Suspension
Electrical Equipment
Fault Finding Chart
Cross Reference to Servicing Operations
No of Pages: 60

Type of Cover: There is no cover

Reference No/Part No: 924/64

Language: English

Measurements: 5.5 x 8.25 inches 150 x 215 mm

Condition: Very good for its age. There are a few marks on some of the pages.

Price: 25.00