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Chromed Ace Handlebars 1 inch 25mm diameter tubing - 4.75 inch rise

SN 1976


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Chromed ace handlebars with 1 inch 25mm diameter. The bars have an overall width of 27.5 inches. The Centre section is 6.5 inches long and they have a rise of 4.75 inches. The pull-back is 4.5 inches. They have knurled sections to provide better grip for the handlebar clamps. The knurled sections are 3 inches apart. The knurled section is 3/4 inch wide.nnThese are ideal for a cafe racer to give the look and feel of a racing bike with clip ons. They are really versatile and can be mounted up to give you a higher and less back-aching riding position, or down to give you a much lower riding position.