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Matchless G9 500cc and G11 600cc Super Clubman Spare Parts List - 1956

MAT 00005



An original spare parts list for the Matchless Super Clubman Vertical Twins

Models Covered:

  • Matchless G9 500cc OHV Super Clubman
  • Matchless G11 600cc OHV Super Clubman

Contents Include:

  • Detailed Index
  • Pages with Illustrations and Part numbers
  • Corresponding tables with part numbe, description, Qty Req, Used on, and Price in £ s d

Type of Cover Paperback  

No of Pages:  44

Measurements:  6 x 9.5 inches (150 x 245 mm)

Condition:  This spares list has been well used.  The cover has wear marks and the corners are creased/curled.  There are marks on the pages and again, most have creased/curled corners.  Th eoriginal staples have corroded and it has been re-stapled.