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BSA Replacement Parts Catalogue - BSA C15 Catalogue No 00-5120

BSA 00058




This is an original spare parts list for the BSA C15 models listed below from Engine Nos:  C15 FT-101, C15 FS-101 and C15 FSR-101.  The spare parts catalogue is printed in English, French, German and Spanish.

Models Covered:

  • BSA C15 Trials
  • BSA C15 Scrambler
  • BSA C15 Trials Cat
  • BSA C15 Starfire Roadster
  • BSA C15 Starfire Scrambler
  • BSA C15 Trials Pastoral

Contents Include:

  • BSA Guarantee
  • BSA Service
  • Proprietary Suppliers
  • Suffix Numbers to be Used ito Identify Varying Finishes
  • Carburettors
  • Piston Chart
  • Complete Assemblies
  • Index
  • Exploded Views of the Various Assemblies/Parts with corresponding tables with Model, Spares No and Description

Type of Cover:  Paperback  

No of Pages:  79

Measurements:  11 x 8.5 inches (280 x 220 mm)

Condition:  Very good.  Very clean.  There are just one or two finger marks on the pages.