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BSA Spare Parts List - BSA C10L, C11G and C12 1954-57

BSA 00030



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An original spare parts list for the BSA C10L, C11G and C12 models produced from 1954 to 1957 with Rigid, Spring and Swinging Arm Frames.  The pages are tabbed on the edge with the different assemblies/sections.  There are exploded views of the those assemblies/parts with a corresponding table giving Plate Ref, Model, Part No, Description and Quantity per Set.

Models featured:

  • BSA C10L SV Spring Frame 3-Speed
  • BSA C10L 250cc SV Spring Frame 4-Speed
  • BSA C11G 250cc OHV Rigid Frame 3-Speed
  • BSA C11G 250cc OHV Spring Frame 3-Speed
  • BSA C11G 250cc OHV Spring Frame 4-Speed
  • BSA C12 - 350cc OHV Swinging Arm 4-Speed

No of Pages: 96

Measurements:  8.5 x 11 inches (220 x 282 mm)

Language:  English

Condition:  There are wear marks on the cover and the tabs are slightly soiled.  On the front cover, a piece about 1 inch long is torn from the surface.  There is also a small tear on the right hand edge of the front cover.