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The Black Leather Jacket - Mick Farren - 1985

GEN 00006



"The black leather jacket is an essential part of the iconography of youth rebellion.  Ever since Marlon Brando slouched across the screen wearing on in the Wild One, the mixture of animal magnetism, brooding menace and sexual aberration which the black leather jacket manages to convey has ensured it a best selling place in the catalogue of cool. "  This is the history of the black leather jacket.

Contents Include:

  • Legendary Leather
  • German Influence
  • Golden Idols
  • Teenage Dreams
  • Smut by Numbers
  • Swinging Singles
  • The New Barbarians
  • Savage Skins

No of Pages:  96

Type of Cover:  Paperback

ISBN:  0 85965 087 1

Language:  English

Measurements:  190 x 250 mm

Condition:  Very good bearing in mind it sage.  The cover has some age related wear marks around the edges.