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Tommaselli Clip Ons with Alloy Clamp/Bracket - 36 - 38mm

SN 1456



A pair of pre-owned/second hand Tomaselli clip on handlebars with cast allow clamp/bracket.  The internal diameter measures 36 mm.  There is a slim spacer on the inside of the clamp and without the spacer it was measure 38mm.  

These are raised by approx 30 mm and slop back approx 40 mm.  The bars are at an angle to the bracket of approx 45 degrees.  The rake/leel of the handlebars is adjustable.  They are in a good second hand condition.  There is a mark on the handlebar where the throttle/twistgrip or handlebar grips have scored the chrome.  


  • The handlebar is 7/8 inch  22 mm diameter.
  • Length of handlebar:  280 mm from top to bottom - 225 mm on the underside from the riser to the end of the bar.
  • Clamp/Bracket is approx 35 mm wide on the longer side if you are looking at clearance. 
  • Clamp is 30 mm deep/thick.