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The Book of the Honda Twins - John Thorpe - 1969 1st Edition

HON 00002



The Book of the Honda Twins was written by John Thorpe and covers all twin-cyllinder models up to 1968, except the 250 Super Sports. It was published in 1969 and this is a First Edition book.

"In this book, I have dealt with all the twins so far introduced, with the exception of the CB250 Super Sports which is reserved until a later edition. So, in these pages you will be able to find all you need to look after your C92, or CB92, your C95 or CB160, your CD175, C72 or 77, CB72 or 77, on your road-eating CB450."

The contents include:

  • Preface
  • Method in your Maintenance
  • Tools for the Job
  • Looking After your Honda
  • Be your own Doctor
  • Trouble Tracing the Easy Way
  • Doing a Decoke
  • Workon the C92 and CB92
  • Working on the 160cc unit
  • Worong on the 185cc unit
  • Working on the 250/305cc units
  • Workon on the 450cc unit
  • Honda Carburettors
  • Suspension and Brakes
  • Facts and Figures
  • Index

The card covered book measures 5 x 7.25 inches (125 x 185 mm) and contains 99 pages.