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Honda Transalp 600V Dominator NX650 Ref: A02-00067/20/689/PB

HONSB 00034



Original sales brochure in full colour for the Honda Transalp 600V and Dominator NX650.   This brochure has photographs, key features and specifications.

Models Featured:

  • Kawasaki Transalp 600V-K
  • Kawasaki Dominator NX650-K

No of Pages: 4

Format:  Single sheet printed both sides.

Language:  English

Reference No/Part No:   A02-00067/20/689/PB

Measurements:  8.25 x 11.75 inches (210 x 295 mm) 

Condition:  Very good.  A few age ralated marks on the edges.