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Polished Rear Conical Hub - Manx Style with Polished Brake Plate and Stainless Steel Spindle

SN 1557



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This polished Triumph BSA rear conical hub has been machined specifically for cafe racers - Tritons and other Featherbed framed specials. The hub has been machined to look like a Manx rear hub - holes have been made in the hub and domed mesh fills the holes. A finned, polished ring has also been fitted to the hub to complete the Manx look. The bearings, lock ring and speedo drive ring have been replaced with new ones.

The brake plate has also been polished and machined with holes drilled and mesh applied to cover the vent holes.

The hub is supplied with a stainless steel spindle suitable for both Triumph and Norton swinging arms. The spindle has "flats" machined to it so it will fit both swinging arms. The nuts on each end are made so it will fit onto a paddock stand securely.