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Alloy "Y" Shaped Mudguard Brackets - 8 inches (200mm) long

SN 1915



A pair of "Y" Shaped aluminium mudguard brackets for cafe racers. These are 8 inches (200mm) long. They have a series of mounting/fitting holes: a rectangular one 1 inch x 3/8 inch (25 x 10mm); a round one 1/4 inch (8mm) diameter and an oval one 3/4 x 1.4 inch (20 x 8 mm). The centre of the rectangular one is 2 5/8 inch (67mm) from the bottom of the bracket, the centre of the round one is 1 5/8 inch (43mm) from the bottom of the bracket and centre of the oval one is 1 inch (25mm) from the bottom of the bracket. The holes in the top of the bracket where the mudguard would fit has hole centres of 4 1/4 inches (108 mm).