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Norton Spare Parts List - ES2, 50 88 99 650 - 1961-62

NOR 00016



An original spare parts catalogue for the Norton range of motorcycles for 1961-62.

Models Covered:

  • Norton Model ES2
  • Norton Model 50 International
  • Norton Model 88 Dominator
  • Norton Model 99 Dominator
  • Norton 650 Standard
  • Norton 650 De Luxe
  • Supplement for 
  • Norton Model 88S Dominator
  • Norton Model 99S Dominator
  • Norton Model 650SS

Publication No: PS 214

Contents include:

  • Index
  • Instructions for Ordering Spare Parts
  • Returning Machines for Overhaling
  • Estimates for Repairing Machines
  • Purchase of Spare Parts
  • Fold out exploded view of the engine
  • Tables with Plate No, Part No, Description, Qty, Model and Price each in £ s d
  • Plates with illustrations of the various parts and assemblies

Type of Cover: Paperback

Measurements: 6 x 9.75 inches 155 x 245 mm)

No of Pages: 71

Condition: Some marks on the cover and doodles drawn by a previous owner. There are some wear marks around the edges of the cover and some of the internal pages have curled corners. There are a few finger marks on some of the pages.