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Central Oil Tank - Norton Slimline Featherbed - Norbsa, Triton, Norvin

SN 2226



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A central oil tank made in fibreglass to fit a Norton Slimline Featherbed frame.  The oil tank has a quick action/flip up oval, chromed tank cap.  The paint is rather 1970s in purple and gold but can obviously be repainted to suit your colour scheme.  The tank narrows toward the top, as can be seen in the photographs, to fit between the narrower frame rails on the slim line frame.  There is a threaded hole for an oil filter and a copper pipe for the oil feed.  The tank fixes to the frame with a tube near to the top of the tank.  


Height:  9 .5 iinches top to bottom
Width:  8 1.5 inches across the top which is the widest point.
Depth:  7 inches at the widest part.