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Stainless Steel Tank Strap with Chromed Clasp

SN 2128




Tank strap made from polished stainless steel. This is ideal for the short circuit and 5 gallon petrol tanks we sell.  The stainless steel strap is 1.5 inches wide (40 mm) and is a total of 37 inches (94.5 mm) long.  There is an adhesive strip of foam rubber supplied to stick to the back of the strap to protect the tank when fitted.  The up and over clasp is chromed and is fitted to a stainless steel catch plate with domed nuts.  The up and over clasp can be repositiioned if required in 1 of 4 pairs of pre-drilled holes.  The hook is also chromed and is supplied with domed nuts to attach to a bracket/plate that the customer must supply and fit to the frame.  The catch plate is 3.75 inches long (95mm).