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Tommaselli Alloy Throttle/Twistgrip - 7/8 inch (22m) Handlebar Fitting - Second Hand Pre-owned

SN 0045



An alloy Tommaselli twistgrip/throttle to fit 7/8 inch handlebars (22mm).  This is a second hand/pre-owned twist grip in very good condition.  It has a grip fitted to it.   This is a quick action twistgrip with the cable ferrule fittled. The dimensions of teh throttle "head" are:  1 inch (25mm) deep/thick)  2 5/8 inches (70 mm) wide and 1 5/8 (70 mm) long, excluding the ferrule.

It is second hand and would polish up very well.  This is ideal to give any classic cafe racer that original look.