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Moto Guzzi by Mario Colombo 3rd Edition 1990

Moto Guzzi by Mario Colombo 3rd Edition 1990

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"Now in its third edition, Mario Colombo's book can rightly be considered a classic of modern Italian motoring literature, as well as publishing success story. Completely revised, enlarged and updated to include current production, Moto Guzzi provides enthusiasts and collectors with a detailed account of the industrial and sporting history of Italy's greatest motorcycle producer in terms of size, variety of models and sporting honours." This book is in English.

The contents include:
Preface to the First Edition by Giovanni Klaus Koenig
The Origins
The Golden Age
The War
The Postwar Period
The Grand Prix Era
Utility Production
Changed Days and New Faces
Series Production
Goods Vehicles
Racing Bikes and Record breakers
Military and Police Motorcycles
Military Motorcycle Trucks, Prototypes and Armoured Vehicles
Chronology of Production

Measurements: 260 x 240 mm

No of Pages: 411

Type of Cover: Paperback with dust cover, unclipped

ISBN: 88 7911 039 X

Condition: Very good. Some very slight wear to the edges of the dust cover. There is a crease on the back cover.

Price: 125.00