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Moto Guzzi by Mario Colombo 3rd Edition 1990

MOGUZ 00002



"Now in its third edition, Mario Colombo's book can rightly be considered a classic of modern Italian motoring literature, as well as publishing success story. Completely revised, enlarged and updated to include current production, Moto Guzzi provides enthusiasts and collectors with a detailed account of the industrial and sporting history of Italy's greatest motorcycle producer in terms of size, variety of models and sporting honours."

Language:  English

The contents include:

  • Preface to the First Edition by Giovanni Klaus Koenig
  • The Origins
  • The Golden Age
  • The War
  • The Postwar Period
  • The Grand Prix Era
  • Utility Production
  • Changed Days and New Faces
  • Series Production
  • Goods Vehicles
  • Racing Bikes and Record breakers
  • Military and Police Motorcycles
  • Military Motorcycle Trucks, Prototypes and Armoured Vehicles
  • Chronology of Production

Measurements: 260 x 240 mm

No of Pages: 411

Type of Cover: Paperback with dust cover, unclipped

ISBN: 88 7911 039 X

Condition:  Second hand/Preowned   Very good. Some very slight wear to the edges of the dust cover. There is a crease on the back cover.