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Cibie 7 inch Headllight Unit - no pilot - Concave Lens

SN 0012



A 7 inch (180 mm) headlight reflector unit, without pilot light.  This headlight reflector has a concave lens and was popular in the 1960s and 1970s on motorcycles.  The eflector silvering is in excellent condition.  The dished glass is also in excellent condition.  The reflector unit does not have a bulb fitted.  This headlight is ideal for a motorcycle as the patterns do not bend to the right or left but up and down.  

Marked on the glass is the following:  

Cibie Logo, CR,   E2,  135, an arrow pointing in both directions, Cibie, Made in France, 

Dimensions:  7 inch (180 mm) diameter     3 1/2  (3.5 inches) (90 mm)  deep