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Alloy Rear Manx Mudguard - Triton - Cafe Racer

SN 1752



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British made, top-quality rear mudguard made from heavy duty aluminium to fit 18 and 19 inch rear wheel. The mudguard is beaded on the front edge and on both sides. There is a crease towards the back of the mudguard/fender to accommodate the swinging arm. These have rounded profile and a smooth finish but are not polished. They will polish to a high sheen if required or can be painted if a painted finish is preferred. The mudguard is made by the original mudguard manufacturers to Norton Motors Ltd.


  • 4 7/8 inch (125 mm) wide (measured in a straight line)
  • 6 1/2 inches (160 mm) (measured across the curve of the mudguard)
  • 28 3/4 inches (730 mm) front to back (measured in a straight line)
  • 38 inches (965 mm) front to back (measured along the centre of the curve)