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Suzuki A100 and AS100 Service Manual - June 1967

SUZ 00001



A genuine Service Manual for the Suzuki A100 and Suzuki AS100 models. The Suzuki A100 and AS100 Service Manual was published in June 1967 by Suzuki Motor Co Ltd and printed in Japan. "The outstanding new mechanisms POSI-Force lubrication, and rotary disc valve are incorporated in the Suzuki A100 and AS100 motorcycle. As a result, the troublesome and messy mixing of gasoline and oil by the rider is eliminated. ... This Service Guide explains, mainly, the principles and constructions of these new mechanisms. The most important items, such as disassembling, assembling, tips on adjusting, maintenance standards and tips on handling are briefly but clearly described in this Guide."

The contents include:

  • Revolutionary "Suzuki Posi-Force Lubrication"
  • Rotary Disc Valve Engine
  • Tips on Operating New Motorcycle
  • Right and Left Side Views
  • Specifications and Performance
  • Performance Curves
  • Special Tools
  • Engine
  • Specifications for Inspection and Repair
  • Adjustments
  • Tightening Torque
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Periodical Inspection Chart
  • Suzuki A100 Wiring Diagram
  • Exploded View of A100 Engine

Measurements:  7 x 10 inches (180 x 255 mm)

No of Pages:  56 pages.

Type of Cover:  Paperback

Condition:  The cover has a few wrinkles on it.  There are finger marks on some of the pages.  In good useable condition.