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The Book of the Suzuki by John Thorpe, Pitman Motor Cyclists' Library - 1967

SUZ 00006



The Book of the Suzuki was originally written by John Thorpe in 1967; this is a reprint dated 1970.  "If you know how your machine works you will be wiser and safer. You may even be richer if you undertake routine maintenance and repairs. For these reasons this handbook will repeatedly prove its worth. Its detailed information and diagrams will help solve your problems and ensure maximum performance.

The book forms part of the respected "Pitman Motor-Cyclists' Library" series.

Models Covered:

  • Suzuki 50cc M12
  • Suzuki 50cc M15
  • Suzuki 50cc M15D
  • Suzuki M30 Suzy Scooterette
  • Suzuki 80cc K10
  • Suzuki 80cc K11

The contents include:

  • How the Suzuki works
  • The Tools you Need
  • Methodical Maintenance
  • Overhauling Carburettors
  • Electrical Overhauls
  • Renovating the 50cc Motor-cycle Engines
  • Overhauling the Suzy Engine
  • Overhauling the 80cc Engine
  • The Cycle Parts
  • Trouble Tracing
  • Appendix: Facts and Figures
  • Index

Measurements:  4.75 x 7 inches (120 x 180 mm)

No of Pages:  88 pages.

Type of Cover:  Paperback

ISBN: 0 273 42145 X

Condition:  Good for its age.  The cover has a few creases.    The internal pages are nice and clean.