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BSA Pre-Unit Singles - Haynes Owners Workshop Manual 348cc, 496cc, 499cc, 591cc

BSA Pre-Unit Singles - Haynes Owners Workshop Manual 348cc, 496cc, 499cc, 591cc

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A used Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for the BSA Pre-unit single cylinder motorcycles produced from 1954 to 1961.

The models covered by this manual are:

348cc B31 OHV single 1954-59
348cc B32 Competition model 1955-57
348cc CB and DB32 Gold Star 1954-57
496cc M20 side-valve single 1954-1956
499cc M33 OHV single 1954-1957
499cc B33 OHV single 1954-1960
499cc B34 competition model 1955-1957
499cc CB, DB and DBD 34 Gold Star 1954-1961
591cc M21 side-valve singel 1954-1961
The manual was written by Mansur Darllington and was originally published in 1977 this manual was published in 1993.


About this manual
Modifications to the BSA single cyllinder range
Ordering spare parts
Routine maintenance
Recommended lubricants
Working conditions and tools
Chapter 1 Engine
Chapter 2 Gearbox
Chapter 3 Clutch
Chapter 4 Fuel System, carburation and lubrication
Chapter 5 Ignition system
Chapter 6 Frame and forks
Chapter 7 Wheels, brakes and tyres
Chapter 8 Electrical system
Wiring diagrams
Metric Conversion Tables
Safety first!
Engine/American terminology
ISBN 0 85696 326 7

Condition: The manual has a creased cover and some of the corners have been folded over and there are finger marks on some of the pages, but generally this manual is in good useable condition.

Measurements: 8.25 x 10.5 inches (210 x 270 mm) and contains 146 pages.

Price: 12.00